How to support us

We believe that anxiety and depression are debilitating, life-changing mental health conditions. We also believe that everyone should have quick access to help without waiting weeks, or having to make an appointment. We are committed to providing access to the people of Sheffield and surrounding region. We do this by running self help groups twice a week for nearly every week of the year. We do not have any paid staff, no offices and are 100% reliant on limited grants from small local/regional charities and member donations. We do not get any government, council or NHS funding. We know that people give a lot to charity, but if you think of donating to someone else this year even once we would be thrilled if you thought of us.


Our main cost is renting out rooms, which costs >£40 a session. This comes to more than £4,000 per year. Around two thirds of the funding comes from donations not made by members at the sessions. We are a charity with a less than £10k budget and for much of the time it's been about £5k per year. A very high percentage of costs goes on directly providing the services. So any donation, a large percentage goes directly to benefitting the members. 

We welcome any donation, no matter how small, that you can make to help us continue our work. If you would like to make a financial donation to help us you can make a payment via PayPal or any major credit card by clicking this button

  • A donation of £7.50 covers the costs of one member to attend their first meeting
  • A donation of £50 covers the room costs for one two hour group, for a room of people
  • A donation of £100 let's us train one facilitator who helps members and they typically stay 9 months to 2 years. 

Alternatively you may donate directly to our bank account.

Account name: No Panic Sheffield

Sort code - 08-92-99

Account number: 65442645


Members get support quickly - no waiting lists and no booking. Unlike some services there is access to groups outside office hours on Wednesday nights as we recognise many of our members are in employment. 

Members get a supportive environment where they are listened to and help explore coping strategies to try and manage.

Anxiety, depression and low mood are things that take time for people to feel a bit better. We've done this for 9.5 years and know there's not a set timetable, it can be months or over a year for things to become more manageable. That's why we don't run closed groups where people have to book.  


Promote us

 We require enough members in the groups to stay viable. Tell people you think might benefit about us.